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Vol. 22 No. 6
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An overview of research drawn up on the impact of social networking virtual world on the lifestyle of young people reveals different and sometimes contradictory results, for which the reasons can be achieved mainly through a methodological meta-analysis. For this purpose, after initial refining, 16 Journal articles selected through Magiran scientific information database and meta-analyzed based on different methodological standards and theoretical frameworks used. The overall picture obtained from this research, shows lack of theory construction, domination of survey method, absence of mixed methods, fragmentation and lack of coherence in the operationalization of lifestyle, different understanding of social networking media, limitation of social networking media studied, methodological lag in regard to theoretical framework, and ignoring the validity of research tools, generalization despite using non-probability sampling methods and subjective evaluation of the impacts of social networking media, all of which can explain differences and contradictions in the results obtained in the reviewed studies
mohammad hossein hassani -
کلمات کلیدی : Social Networking Media ، lifestyle ، youth ، meta-analysis ، methodology
This article is an attempt to analyze the results of a study on how Kurdish women in the city of Ilam perceive guerrilla war documentaries aired by P.K.K satellite network, i. e., Newroz TV. In order to perform such research ambition, we rely on the cultural studies tradition of taking into consideration the concepts of power and perception, when analyzing ethnic minorities. Accordingly, a synthesis of perception theory and ethnic minority’s theory is constructed to address how Kurdish women perceive documentaries on female participation in guerrilla groups. The problematic of this research concerns with satellite TV programs on ethnic minorities, especially now that they have attracted minority groups’ attentions. The producers of such TV programs make these documentaries on the assumption that their audience can use them to revive their ethnic identity. This is while almost all the studies that have so far been done on ethnic groups excluded the perception of women as readers of the unpopular texts, including texts that deal with ethnic identity. This article tackles this very issue and takes it to be a profound scientific matter that has been neglected in the studies of ethnic groups. It uses qualitative approach and focus group discussions with a sample of 24 interviewees to gather its data so to indicate whether or not Kurdish women in the city of Ilam assume the position of facilitating participation or resisting participation in guerrilla groups. Some of the findings indicate that Kurdish women in the city of Ilam tend to negotiate with the dominant Kurdist discourse of Newroz TV. They nevertheless refute female participation in guerrilla groups and do not consider it as part of the discourse of Kurdism. These women even decode the documentaries on women participation in guerrilla groups in opposite way as the intentions of program makers
کلمات کلیدی : Kurdism ، Subjective position ، Newroz TV ، Ilam ، Kurdish women ، Guerrilla groups
Users and policymakers as the key stakeholders of these networks play crucial roles in the development and success of these networking tools. Hence, understanding these networks success factors from each of these stakeholders can form a conceptual framework for designing more successful social networks. Despite the existence of the wealthy body of the literature on the topic of social network success and the important roles of users and policymakers, the problem is that little has been done on studying the factors that affect the success of social networks from a user and policymaker perspective and also the connection between these two perspectives. Conducting an analytical review of related research studies, this study identified 89 success factors and then categorized them into six main conceptual categories that contribute to the success of the social networks. The emergent patterns from this analytical review of the literature establish a conceptual framework for understanding factors that would affect the successful design, implementation, and management of the social networks. This can be of value to social networks founders, designers, and managers who aim to initiate or evaluate their social networks. The conceptual framework proposed in this study also can be of value to the researchers who aim to conduct empirical studies to understand conceptions of social networks in real life contexts from the perspectives of those who design and use social networks.
Morteza Nabi-Meybodi - Sirous Alidousti - Maryam Nazari
کلمات کلیدی : Social networks success factors ، concept of social networks ، stakeholders ، perspective ، users ، policymakers ، analytical study
The discourse theory developed by Laclau and Mouffe is regarded an outstanding one in structuring a discourse in which the existing relations and components in a discourse and the way hegemony becomes dominant in the community are stated clearly. Nonetheless, the application of this theory in social issues is not dynamic enough; therefore, some interventions must be made regarding its application in social domains due to its political basis. It was found that social imagination is a fundamental concept, which has a determining role in social changes and the level and quality of a community’s mobility, regarding its constituents. It can also be influential in the recognition of internal layers of some courses, which lead to social changes in a community because of its connection to some concepts including discourse, social representation, myth, social construction of reality, and rituals. It would be more objective and applicable in discourse promotion among nations who benefit from history, culture and deep theoretical myths if these factors are taken in to account in studying their social interactions or ritual relations which contribute greatly to their subjectivity to life. This article aims to create more dynamicity in the discourse theory. For this purpose and to creating a more dynamic discourse theory through communication theory ritual, the research has been conducted on the basis of the categories obtained from interviews with twelve members of the Expediency Discernment Council in Iran.
- - -
کلمات کلیدی : Development ، social imagination ، social representation ، discourse theory ، hegemony ، myth
This article investigates the press portrayal of foreign relations developments under the influence of the dominant discourse in foreign policy. For this purpose, the representation of the United States of America and the United Kingdom in Iranian newspapers were studied during the reform and conservative eras. In this study, content analysis was used as the method of research. The data were gathered, coded and inserted into the SPSS for descriptive and analytical tables. In the descriptive section, variables such as “the western country highlighted”, “subject of foreign news”, “news stance regarding Iran-USA ties”, “news stance regarding Iran-UK ties”, “image of the US in news” and “image of the UK in news” were studied. In the analytical section, the statistical relationship between the press portrayal of the US/UK and the political period was investigated. Findings indicate that the press in Iran are under the influence of the dominant foreign policy discourse when covering news about the US and the UK, and portray these two Western countries in accordance with the official foreign policy of Iran in each political period. During the reform era, the press portrayed the US and the UK positively in line with the détente policy of the reformist government; however during the conservative era, , a negative image was portrayed by the press as relations between Iran and the West deteriorated.
- ehsan bakhshandeh
کلمات کلیدی : press portrayal ، media representation ، US and UK ،

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