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Vol. 25 No. 6
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John Locke said we should accept that the absolute is an impossible thing. But on the contrary, the idea of the possibility of the absolute has been always influential in the history of Iran in various ways. In this article, the possible political absolute is introduced as the initial core of Iranian identity and the historical force of its continuity. Also, the Iran's 57 Revolution is considered the final maturity of this initial core in the political scene and the republic derived from the Revolution is regarded as the transition of the main content of Iran’s history to its modern era. Our main question is that in the process of the formation of Iran, has there been any primary principle or initial core underlying all its developments and experiments? The hypothesis is that by the advent of the Islamic Revolution, it was revealed that the philosophy of history of Iran (that is the possible end of Iranian history) lies in the longing for linkage to the absolute through establishing a holy and powerful state. In other words, the evolving core of Iran’s advent is an increasing spiritual moral inclination which contrary to many other nations, suggests that ethnic and political linkage to the absolute is a possible thing. The idea of the absolute has turned Iran into a political community, prone to establish a state. The method of research used in this article is a phenomenological one which tries to understand what is exposed to mind or consciousness. The finding of this article is a fundamental understanding about the final evolution of Iran’s history and recognizing its philosophy or the ultimate cause of its being. In other words, a comprehensive and eventual understanding of Iran is to be considered inevitably posterior to a total and final change manifested to us as Iran's 57 Revolution.
کلمات کلیدی : absolute, ، idea, ، history of Iran, ، revelation, ، history of philosophy
One reason for increasing depression and unhappiness in the contemporary society is the lacking of a correct theoretical understanding of happiness. To develop happiness in the society, a necessary step is obtaining a suitable theoretical approach about it. Therefore, my purpose, in this paper, is offering a cultural approach about happiness and achieving a theoretical conception of happiness to improve and develop it in the society. According to my theoretical approach, although happiness is the individuals’ conception of the good sense of life, this individual sense is a socio-cultural construction rather than a psychic, biological, emotional or individual one. That’s why, we need a socio-cultural theory or approach to analyze and realize happiness. This paper aims to explain happiness, as a kind of socio-cultural construction, and its features, reasons and categories, through an inter-disciplinary approach by using Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of “Habitus” and that of “culture of happiness”.
کلمات کلیدی : happiness ، , development ، , culture
This article discusses the two concepts of historicity and social life derived from the Constitutional Movement and seeks to figure out relationship between them and contemporary Iranian social developments. It claims that the Constitutional Movement has fundamentally affected contemporary social changes in Iran through the creation of historicity and a new social life. The approach used in this article is taken from social relations system (action system) and its method is based on historical sociology. Based on the analysis and explanation provided, the Constitutional Movement has affected the social life of people in three subjective, objective (action) and structural dimensions. Subjectively, national sovereignty was given to the people as the right of self-determination. In the objective dimension, individual and collective action areas were formed, and in the structural one, new institutional contexts were created .In fact, with the occurrence of the Constitutional Movement, the concept of the political was introduced in the Iranian society.
کلمات کلیدی : Constitutional Movement ، , social relations system ، , social movements ، , historicity, ، social life, ، social change
The concept of a dual society is taken from that of a dual city referring to urban inequality and injustice created by capitalism in space, welfare and urban facilities. So the dual city has symptoms reflecting the socio-spatial inequality existing in the city. One of the social phenomena in the oil cities of Southern Iran have been the creation of a social-space duality. Social duality in Mahshahr has been under the influence of the petrochemical industry. It has been created in various forms, including duality in urban space, urban economy, education, health facilities and cultural and social duality; the main cause of social duality in oil cities, such as Mahshahr is the lack of social vision in the process of the industrialization of oil regions, especially the role of company-town policy in this respect, is considerable. This policy instead of developing local societies, integrating employees into local society and creating a modern city, separates employees from local society, resulting in the creation of a dual local-corporate society.
کلمات کلیدی : petrochemical industry ، , oil city, ، dual society, ، dual city, ، company- town policy ، , space structure, ، social-space duality ، , spatial distribution
Various studies have been conducted about the effect of social capital on people’s mental health with different results. For this reason, the goal of this article is to combine the quantitative results of these studies by using the meta-analysis technique. In this meta-analysis, we have chosen eleven studies conducted from 2005 until 2016 which have been published in Iranian authoritative journals. Thus, this study is not based on the sampling method. We have also used CMA2 software for analyzing the collected data. After reviewing homogeneous hypothesis, it became clear that we should use random effects model in this analysis. Results show that the average size of combined and random effects of social capital on mental health is 0/333. But after introducing the two qualitative variables of “statistical population type” and “research time” as the moderator variables in calculating, the size of obtained combined effect reduced to 0/287 and 0/22 respectively which are considered weak effect sizes. Therefore, it is necessary for the future studies to pay due attention to these two variables in their finding estimates. Strategic findings also indicate that considering the social capital of immigrants, marginalized people, students and teachers is a very important issue, because by declining the social capital of these groups, their mental health declines significantly too.
کلمات کلیدی : meta-analysis ، , social capital ، , mental health, ، effect size, ، moderator variable, ، random effect model

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