Important points about the new site of the journal.

Greetings and Regards

To inform all researchers and professors, on the occasion of the research week, the site and the new system of the Quarterly Journal of Socio-Cultural Strategy Research Institute of the Strategic Research Institute were set up.

Therefore, the points of humiliation are conveyed to the loved ones:

1- Old system and site address:

2- Date 10/01/2016 is the official start date of the new system and new articles submitted to the old system from this date onwards will not be processed, although it is clear that all articles submitted before this date are on the agenda. They are being pursued as usual.

3- All the loved ones, including the researcher, referee and professor, who had a user account on the old site, their account is still valid, and if they forget the password, they can use the password forget option to recover it.

4- For any questions or problems, you can contact us at the email address or the contact number 02122258921.

5- The address of the new and main site of the Strategic Research Institute: