Investigating the state of culture economy in Ilam province and ways to strengthen it; by emphasizing the identification of local capacities

Document Type : Original Article


1 Master Of Cultural Studies

2 Director of Pemayish Gostar Ilam cultural-artistic institute


The present research aims to investigate the state of the economy of culture in Ilam province and ways to strengthen it; it has been done by emphasizing the identification of local capacities in the qualitative paradigm and by thematic analysis method. The target community included all activists and experts in the field of culture and art in Ilam province, and sampling was done based on theoretical saturation with 35 samples. A semi-structured interview was used to collect data. The results showed that the most important areas with investment capacity based on the culture economy model in Ilam province are: literature area, handicraft area, visual arts area, customs area, theater area and music area. Currently, except for the field of drama and to some extent in the field of music, there is an unfavorable situation in other fields in the province. Obstacles and restrictions, including economic barriers; Organizational and managerial obstacles; social structural barriers; cultural structural barriers; barriers to marketing and advertising; Visible weaknesses in artists and... have been the most important obstacles in the way of improving the situation. In order to overcome these limitations, solutions can be proposed, including: 1- Change in management methods and policies, 2- Creating the necessary background and platform, 3- Financial support for the production of cultural and artistic works, 4- Improving the quality of artists' works, and 5- Adequate advertising and marketing and practical measures to sell works, including the establishment of various markets, the launch of various festivals and exhibitions, etc.


  • Receive Date: 02 August 2022
  • Revise Date: 02 December 2022
  • Accept Date: 03 December 2022
  • First Publish Date: 03 December 2022