Relationship between Good Governance and a Smart City: A case study of Tehran

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1 Ph.D. student of public policy in Azad University

2 Assistant Professor of law and political department, AllamehTabataba’I University

3 Full Professor of Management department,AllamehTabataba’I University

4 Assistant Professor of economics department, AllamehTabataba’I University


Over the past two decades, the development of services and urban infrastructure of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has promoted the cooperation among the major urban actors and has developed smart cities. Smart cities have in turn paved the way for significant changes in the management and control of the cities by the governments. Therefore, a comparative study of the indices of good governance and smart cities reveals the direct relationship between good governance and smart cities. The major elements of good governance including accountability, political stability, lack of violence, and effectiveness of the government are expected to be d realized in smart cities.
Iran has faced a phenomenally heterogeneous urban growth over the past three decades and this trend in the capital city of Tehran calls for more attention. Numerous identity and managerial problems in Tehran require examining the relationship between good governance and smartening this city. It seems that fragmentation of management in key issues, such as policymaking, decision- making, planning, organizing, leading, and supervising, is the most serious obstacle to positive correlation between these two variables in Tehran. Using documentary and archival data, this article aims at examining its hypothesis in a descriptive-analytical manner.


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