Crisis in Social Security Funds and National Security of Islamic Republic of Iran

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D in Public Policy Making University of Tehran

2 Phd student islamic revolution studies. university of tehran


Social security as a part of public services delivered by governments to their citizens is one of the main factors contributing to the sustainable national security in different political regimes. Sustainability of social security depends on sound and well-functioning of the social security funds as the vital financial resources of social security.
Using the descriptive-analytical method and documents review, this study aims at finding appropriate responses to these crucial questions: (1) what threats to national security would arise from the crisis in social security funds in Iran, and (2) what measures should be adopted to confront them?
Our findings show that the crisis in retirement funds leads to some serious threats to the national security such as public disturbances, social gap and bipolarity in the society, erosion of the strong sense of national solidarity among the people, reduction of acceptability and prestige of the government, decline of the retirees' purchase power, a sense of deprivation and poverty in the society, etc. It can be concluded from the findings that some significant reforms in parametrical, systemic, and structural levels would be quite necessary to confront these multiple threats.


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