The Role of Social Networks on the Promotion of Reading Culture (the Case Study of Followers of Ketabdoni Page in Instagram Social Network)


The aim of this article is to investigate "the role of social networks in promoting the culture of reading. This research is based on the case study of followers of Ketabdoni page in Instagram social network".;
This research is a descriptive and analytical survey. The data of this research are provided by online questionnaire which was put on the Ketabdoni page of Instagram social network for the users to answer it. The statistical population of this research consists of 418 followers of Ketabdoni page in Instagram social network. The data collected from the questionnaires later have been edited, coded and analysed by the SPSS software.;
The findings indicate that membership in the book pages of Instagram, encourages their users to more reading. Most respondents have expressed that reviews and critics about new books in Instagram have encouraged them to read those books. In the time of choosing the most important benefits of sharing photos and book contents in Instagram, the respondents chose encourage reading, exchange with the readers, information about the book field, increase the knowledge and information (about the books), strengthen their participation in society and their communication. According to the results of statistical tests, there is a relation between the book contents in Instagram social network and increasing willingness of the users to reading. There is a relation between the existence of cultural institutions and elite cultural pages in Instagram social network and the willingness of the users to reading.;
This is the first research on the role of Instagram in promoting the reading. Its findings can be used in planning and policy –making in institutions that concentrate their activities on the areas related to the book field.;