Cultural Factors Affecting Urban Creativity (Case Study: Semnan Province)


Due to the importance of culture in a creative city, urban planners must adapt a cultural approach in their planning and use cultural resources for the development of the city. In this regard, the aim of this article is to evaluate the cities of Semnan province based on cultural factors affecting urban creativity. This research has been conducted by a descriptive-analytic method. This study introduces cultural factors affecting urban creativity by using the model of vikor to measurement and evaluation in the cities of Semnan province. The results obtained from the model of vikor indicate that there is a considerable difference between large cities and small cities of Semnan province in terms of these cultural factors. In this context, the three cities of Semnan, Shahroud and Damghan have most cultural resources with more than 72 percent of the total urban population of Semnan province and naturally they have much higher potential for the realization of creative city and in contrast, 17 other cities with 28 percent of the total urban population of the province, have not much cultural resources at their disposal and have little potential to become a creative city.