Design and delivery a model for enhancement of health culture at education of Iran

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. Student, Department Ecucational Management, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University

2 Assistant Professor, Department of educational management, Islam Shar Branch, Islamic Azad University

3 Professor, Department of Cultural Management and Planning, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University

4 Islamic Azad University - Tehran North Branch


This research, which was carried out with the aim of designing a model for enhancement of health culture at education of Iran, This research was an applied study of the purpose and methodologically as qualitative methods. After analyzing the data in the first study. In the qualitative section, the conten analysis method was used. The research instrument consisted of researcher-made coding sheets whose validity was confirmed by Delphi group members (15 people of all university teachers and experts in the field of cultural & educational management) and its reliability was calculated by P-Scott criterion of 0.95. Findings in the qualitative section were identified in the form of 36 categories and 610 concept codes. And pivotal: life, religiously, spiritual health, social supportand health culture and then turned into a questionnaire. In the second study, the sample size was estimated as 344 people based on Cochran formula and after data collection, the statistical analysis of survey data was performed in two descriptive levels using statistical parameters (such as frequency, percentage, elongation , mean) and inferential statistics (Levin test, t-test), confirmatory factor analysis using Spss 22 and Lisrel 8.54. Significant coefficients and parameters of factors, religiously, spiritual health, social support $ life style.showed that all of the coefficients obtained are significant. The results of principal component analysis showed that among the dimensions of the enhancement of health culture at education of Iran the religiously