Evolutionary strategies of the Islamic Revolution for the aim of new Islamic civilization

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1 air university

2 Assistant Professor of Management at Shahid Sattari Air University



According to the Supreme Leader, who said, "We had an Islamic revolution, then we formed the Islamic system, the next stage is the formation of the Islamic state, the next step is the formation of the Islamic State, and the next stage is the formation of the international Islamic civilization." Today, we are in the stage of the Islamic State and the Islamic Country; Therefore, it is necessary to determine its strategies to achieve the Islamic State and Islamic civilization. Accordingly, the purpose of the current study is to determine the evolutionary strategies of the Islamic Revolution for the aim of the new Islamic civilization. This research is developmental in terms of purpose and descriptive-analytical in terms of method, with exploratory approach which has been done by grounded theory method (Glaser emerging approach). In addition, the statistical population of the research are the guidelines and plans of Imam Khomeini (Modzaleh Al-Aali) and the Constitution of the Islamic Revolution. The qualitative method was employed to analyze the data using MAXQDA Software. Finally, the findings of the research were divided into seven main themes i.e., the use of jihadi management, development of Islamic lifestyle, scientific development, preservation of revolutionary ideals, repulsion of threats, central justice and fight against corruption, implementation of resistance economy. Besides, some suggestions were provided in this regard.