Factors affecting the social health of adolescents aged 13 to 18 living in quasi-family centers under the supervision of the welfare organization

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1 Faculty of Social Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch

2 sociology Department,Islamic Azad university ,central Tehran Branch,Tehran ,Iran



Natural and unnatural factors cause a large number of unsupervised and abused teenagers to live and stay in day and night centers. Welfare was carried out in 1401 in Tehran. In terms of the nature of the research, it is in the category of Shafi's research, in terms of the type of applied research and in terms of inductive strategy decision-making, and in terms of the nature of the qualitative research design, and in terms of the type of fundamental data theory, the Strauss & Corbin (1990) paradigmatic model. In this research, for the research approach of foundational data theory, from the paradigm model of Corbin & Strauss (1990) which is based on the identification of six elements: causal, contextual, interventional conditions, action/reaction strategies, consequence and regional phenomenon and the relationship between them. . statistical population and sample size; There are 24 senior experts and senior experts working in this department, they have been selected purposefully. Qualitative data has been analyzed using MAXQDA2020 software. The findings show that the most important factors on social health in two main groups; structural factors with three subgroups; The cultural, social and economic situation before entering the pseudo-family, the function of the biological education family and the existing factors and the functional factors with the subgroup of functions that can be improved, social support, work to reduce the problems of adolescents, coordination of factors, educational and educational functions, attention to the role of educators. Economic and financial functions were identified


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Volume 12, Issue 5 - Serial Number 50
Special issue (family and youth studies)
December 2023
Pages 31-76
  • Receive Date: 07 February 2023
  • Revise Date: 12 May 2023
  • Accept Date: 13 May 2023