The spiritual value of work and earning money in the Qur'anic culture with a jurisprudential, moral and educational approach

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Ishraq and Irfan Institute of Qom



This article deals with the topic of business in the culture of the Quran, explaining the special view of the Quran on earning money and the spiritual Quran clarified work in the culture. The purpose of writing this article was to help promote and strengthen the culture of work as an Islamic value, which is stated in Clause 1 of General Employment Policies, Imam Khamenei's Communiqué. The most important issue in this writing was to correct the belief in the separation between work and spirituality. Some people believe that earning money is a kind of pollution to the world that is in conflict with spirituality, and to earn spirituality, separate times should be set aside. While by explaining the culture of the Qur'an, we found that it is possible to take a spiritual view of earning money and use it to develop spirituality in oneself. This article, with a qualitative research method in the descriptive-analytical branch, based on the disciplined methods of jurisprudential inference, by using the rules of understanding the text in jurisprudence and principles, went to verses and traditions to explain the spiritual value of business in the culture of the Qur'an. Therefore, first the lexical meaning of work in Farsi and Arabic was clarified, then by referring to jurisprudential traditions, the interpretations of Islam for business were obtained. To refer to business, the Holy Quran has used the special expression "Al-Ibatghaa min Fazlullah" which was carefully used in the subtleties used in this definition,.......


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