New Social Cosmology in Social Networks from the Perspective of Civilizational Esotericism: Hermeneutic phenomenological study

Document Type : Original Article


Ph.D. of cultural sociology - Tehran University



Following the gradual effects of modernity and enlightenment, religious cosmology turned into social cosmology. After the emergence of the cyberspace, the ground was prepared for the formation of a kind of new social cosmology. The identity, culture, mentalities, emotions, feelings and performance of users in social networks are significantly affected by that cosmology. This article describes and interprets the mentioned issue with the approach of esotericism (on the one hand, the approach of Abdul-Wahid Yahya and on the other hand, the approach of Peter Berger) and using the hermeneutic phenomenology method. In this regard, purposeful sampling has been used by referring to the Telegram channel. The findings have been analyzed in two axes: 1) the activities and beliefs of users in the direction of creating and republishing social cosmology in social networks as text and pseudo-text (primary analysis); 2) making a sense and baseline interpreting on those activities and beliefs (secondary analysis). Some of the results of the secondary analysis based on hermeneutic logic include the following components: 1) interaction rituals and blind worship (echo chamber); 2) Networked existentialism and Prometheus-like nature of virtual life; 3) the duality of technological civilization and moral civilization in everyday life (fundamental questions and ontological insecurity); 4) Virtual extension and revival of social cosmology and solving the nominalism problem (the virtual and expansive existence); 5) The illusion of removing the misunderstanding of secularism with the emergence of post-materialism(virtual utopia).


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