Cultural observation (identification of cultural and social priorities of Khosuf city)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

2 Associate Professor of Birjand University History Department



The city of Khosf in South Khorasan with a population of 5,716 people is one of the small and old cities that, due to the distance of 36 kilometers from the center of the province, has remained pristine and untouched in terms of many cultural issues. Considering the globalization and mediaization of culture and the absorption of local cultures in the global culture, cultural observation of cities with this characteristic, while identifying the priorities of cultural and social issues and problems, will help to preserve its cultural values. . This article aims to identify the cultural and social issues and priorities of the city of Khosf with a qualitative method and with the help of in-depth interviews with 21 informants and experts. Based on the results of issues such as: immigration, belonging and social commitment, leisure spaces, economic problems, family challenges, social issues, the most important issues of Khosf and its cultural priorities are: the issue of employment in two dimensions, the revival of local activities and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector and industries related to It is teaching life skills to families in order to reduce social harms, increasing the self-confidence of young people, paying attention to student spaces and investing in the city's youth and teenagers, and expanding various and attractive leisure spaces to keep the young generation in the region The most important measures taken are the holding of lifestyle meetings, individual counseling, soliciting donations from donors, coordination with provincial textile festivals, and promotion of easy marriage.


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