A study of western lifestyle in Tehrani families (case study: Pet care agents)

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor, Department of Development and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran.



The desire to keep pets, especially dogs, has increased in some Iranian families in today's world with the expansion of the western lifestyle. In this research, it is intended to investigate the effective factors in creating this phenomenon by using the qualitative method and conducting interviews. For this purpose, 20 available people were interviewed (the theoretical saturation was reached by interviewing 20 people) who had visited the most famous veterinary service centers in the north of Tehran city to get services. By coding the interviews, 3 main categories of influence of western values, filial piety and emotional gaps were identified according to the age, gender and different situations of the participants. The results indicate that many advances in technology have made humans lonelier.Excessive individualism born of western culture and its influence in various parts of life, extreme attention to individual wishes, desire to be special, fading of religious values and cultural changes, unwillingness to have children for various reasons (divorce, single or married life, etc.) And children's lack of attention to their parents has caused dogs to be kept at home


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