The Conceptualization and Comparative Study of Cyber, Digital and Convergent Diplomacy (with emphasis on the Seventh Article of General Policies of Information-Computer Networks)

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One of the most important interdisciplinary aspects of cyberspace studies is the relationship between the two domains of cyberspace governance and diplomacy. The newness of this interdisciplinary field and the dynamic nature of both fields have caused a kind of fluidity, dynamism, lack of stability and even confusion in its conceptual framework. Among these, the two concepts of "digital diplomacy" and "cyber diplomacy" have the highest frequency of use, which suffer from conceptual confusion. The problem of this research is related to two questions: 1- Considering the domain of cyberspace governance, what is the conceptual boundary between digital diplomacy and cyber diplomacy? 2- In the direction of connecting and converging digital and cyber diplomacy, what is the framework of the concept of "convergent diplomacy" in the epistemic sphere of "governance of the "era" of Cyberspace "? This research was done with the method of library collection and descriptive-analytical analysis. The findings and results of the research show that digital diplomacy and cyber diplomacy are defined under two different spheres of governance (governance "with" cyberspace and governance "over" cyberspace) and based on such indicators as what it is, the actor, the object of action. , the purpose and type of governance are significantly different. In this way, the innovative aspect of this research is the proposal of the concept of "convergent diplomacy" in the governance sphere of the "era" of cyberspace. In the convergent diplomacy of the era of cyberspace, we see convergence of cyber diplomacy and digital diplomacy.


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