Qualitative study of the issue of identity, identity conflict and factors affecting it in teenage girls (first and second high school)

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1 Member of the academic staff of Islamic Studies Department. Theology faculty . Al-Zahra University . Iran . Tehran

2 Master's degree in social sciences



This research is aimed at the statistical system of the problems of teenage girls in the issue of identity. In fact, in this research, we have defined identity, identity conflict and its effective factors, and the level of satisfaction with sexual identity from the point of view of adolescent girls. This research was conducted with qualitative method and qualitative content analysis technique. The target population of the current research is all the female students of the first and second secondary level from all over the country, and 18 people have been selected as a sample in this research. Examining the interviews and data analysis showed that in general, some teenage girls have knowledge about their identity in different dimensions, but some not only do not have knowledge, but are also dissatisfied with their identity.Dissatisfaction with identity is very evident, especially in the dimension of sexual identity. From the point of view of the interviewees, various factors such as family, social structures, media, peer group play a role in teenage girls' dissatisfaction with their identity. In examining the religious identity of teenage girls, regarding the principle of religion, there is a belief in the monotheism and oneness of God among many teenagers. Some teenagers raise the issue of changing their religion due to lack of comprehensive and sufficient understanding of Islam and ignorance about the philosophy of some rulings.


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