Strategies for improving the moral status of society from the perspective of the Holy Quran

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1 Qom Seminary

2 University of Education

3 Researcher of Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) Institute of Islamic Sciences



Improving the moral condition of the society in order to achieve happiness is one of the concerns of divine leaders, and holy books, especially the Holy Quran, have instructions and plans for this matter. On the other hand, the enemies have tried to destroy the moral infrastructure of the Islamic society with the aim of dominating and looting the human societies, through countercultures and promoting moral abnormalities. In today's age, this invasion is all-out and more intense. Based on this, the Supreme Leader of Hamare has emphasized on intelligently facing the cultural invasion. The present article tries to find the strategies for improving the moral situation of the society with the descriptive-analytical method and express the strategies based on those methods. The findings of the research indicate that the verses of the Holy Qur'an have four strategies for improving and strengthening the cognitive, behavioral and behavioral dimensions of society; Consolidation of the family, revision and revision of laws and strengthening of public supervision are discovered and solutions are presented to improve the level of vision, tendency and moral action of the society.


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